Ginger Hill / Chief Content Officer


What are you passionate about? 

Most everyone is passionate about something—whether they realize it or not. Some people are passionate about fitness, art, and pets. Others are passionate about causes, travel, sports, and fashion. And some people (dare I say most) are passionate about food and entertainment.

While I care deeply about many of those things, my true passion is a bit more complex because it resides in creating value and meaningful experiences for others. Whether it’s preparing a delicious meal for my family and friends, or developing an inspiring brand campaign for a client, I measure my own success by the value and quality that I bring to my relationships. 

How I embraced my passion…

In late 2012, I was impacted by a large-scale corporate downsize that affected about 15 percent of my company. After a brief freelance and consulting stint (and a heaping dose of encouragement from my husband), I made the decision to jump into the entrepreneurship arena with both feet, and I founded Contentuity360. 

My background…

By profession, I’m a seasoned marketer with more than 20 years of corporate and product marketing experience. Prior to wearing a marketing hat, I wore a publishing hat, having worked with a handful of national magazines and publications departments within organizations. At the sum of my corporate life, I directed marketing and creative teams. And together we developed and executed multi-channel marketing programs and content for brands across an array of industries.

Why Contentuity360?

Contentuity360 has been an opportunity to leverage the full scope of my background by merging my journalism roots and early publishing experience with the integrated marketing approaches that later shaped my career as a marketer. Now I get to spend each day as a corporate storyteller who helps brands identify their customer’s challenges, offer solutions, and position themselves as heroes. For me, work life doesn’t get any better than that!